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REcycling Challange Swap

Back around Earth Day I hosted a REcycling Challange Swap on www.maryjanesfarm.com.  Each player was to make an item using recycled/repurposed materials.  Turning something into something else that was fun and usable.  I have not received pictures from all the players yet but here are the ones I have.

This House Wreath was made by Jessica (smoothiejuice)! How cool is this!  Very clever!

Here are the items I (Julie/willowtreecreek)made.  The first item is a wind chime made with an old pie plate, old mismatched silverware and some old beads I had lying around.  The second item is a bowl made with magazine pages.

This birdhouse was made by Sarah Blue.  The wood comes from her corral, the roof from her brooder house and there is also a small piece of wood from her barbed wire fench!  Very Thrifty!

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