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What was the best part of Girl Scouts? The merit badges!  It was always so cool to do fun stuff and then earn a badge for your sash! I have often thought about how cool it would be if I could do all of that again!  GUESS WHAT!!!! I CAN!  There is a really cool book called You Can Do It!


You Can Do It! was the idea of Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas who was killed on September 11, 2001 on board Flight 93.  To honor Lauren, her sisters Vaughn and Dara wrote and published the book.  The idea of the book is to recreate the feeling of accomplishment and community that many girls felt while in the scouts.

 Another cool part:

A portion of the proceeds from You Can Do It! will go to the Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas Foundation, which supports charitable causes and scholarships for women.


So if you always wanted to learn about different crafts, different sports or all kinds of other awesome stuff go out and get this book.

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