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Gone With the Wind

Last summer we invested in a canvas and metal gazebo for our Outpost(an outpost is an outdoor “room”).  We loved it! It was screened in which was wonderful.  We are surrounded by rice fields so the mosquitoes can be horrible in July and August. 

When winter came I removed all the canvas from the gazebo and put up the furniture just leaving the metal frame.  I thought this would suffice but come mid January the wind had other plans for the gazebo.  A big straight line wind came and blew down the frame, bending and mangling it beyond repair!

I just couldn’t picture summer without our little room but we knew another similar gazebo would see the same fate.  We opted to invest in a REAL gazebo! It arrived yesterday and is just perfect!  With 70 degree weather today we have already begun to enjoy it!

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I posted a week or so ago about the hankie that I recieved.  Well I just finished the Hankie I made for my partner in the swap.  She mentioned that she enjoyed gardening and chickens.  I used a floral fabric that reminded me of a summer garden and I drew a chicken and added it as an applique by zig-zag stitching around it with my sewing machine.  Here are 2 pictures.

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They said, SNOW, SNOW, SNOW! Up to 10″ in some parts! WHATEVER! I didn’t believe it! Arkansas NEVER gets snow like that! Especially in March, especially when it was 78 TWO DAYS AGO!!!

I woke up at 4 am to  put the cat out. NO SNOW!  HAhahahah Mr. Ed Buckner, you were wrong! Well Mr. Ed Buckner gets the last laugh because this is what I found 2 hours later when I got up to get ready for work.

Needless to say we DID NOT have school today!

You can go here http://www.flickr.com/photos/willowtreecreek/sets/72157604045225359/ to view all the pictures I took today!

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Spring has Sprung!

The weather man is predicting snow for Monday! Well BOO on him! We have had THREE beautiful days in the 70’s! I have  Spring Fever SOOOOOOOO bad now!  All I have been thinking about is the garden and the pool!

Anyway, I found these beauties while walking in the hayfield the other day.

So my weather prediction is that Spring has Sprung!

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