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I just finished reading this book.  I will be adding it to my July Reading List which will come out next week but I thought this book deserved a little more space.  “Still Life with Chickens” by Catherine Goldhammer is a book about starting over.  This charming memoir follows the author and her twelve-year-old daughter through her divorce and subsequent move  from her daughters childhood home in an affluent suburb to a tiny coastal cottage.  In an effort to ease the transition for her daughter, Catherine agrees to get 6 chickens.  The chickens become the bridge from the past into the future.  Part comedy, part farming resource, all soul, this book captures REAL life and its struggles.  I truly enjoyed this book.  It is fairly short and easy to read.  Curl up on a cloudy day and read it till your done.  You wont be disappointed.

If you are interested in purchasing this book, please click here.

I also thought it was time to do an update of my own chickens!  My four girls are doing well and really seem to enjoy the chicken tractor.  It is nice because I can easily move them to fresh grass when needed.  Of course they are enjoying tons of kitchen scraps as well. 

Due to the extreme summer heat I have moved my chickens to a new location under the willow tree so they get plenty of shade.  I have also given them a roasting pan which I fill with ice chips every afternoon.  They like to stand in it and eat the ice. 

We don’t have any eggs, YET! but I imagine it won’t be long.  I can’t wait!

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