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All Lined Up

I LOVE to hang my sheets to dry on the line!  Sunday is “wash day” around here and yesterday the weather was just beautiful.  There was such a nice breeze so I washed the sheets and hung them to dry on the line.  There is nothing like climbing into bed with fresh, crisp sheets that smell like sunshine and wind!

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Saturday Night Campfire

The end of September in Arkansas starts to bring warm days but really cool nights.  I love to wake up early and put on a long-sleeve t-shirt and enjoy a cup of coffee outside.  I love that it is warm enough to wear shorts and t’s in the daytime but not so hot that you get all sweaty.  The days are great for being outside and when you are inside you can open the windows. 

Today was a great outside kind of day.  I spent most of the morning outside watching my four chickens fight over a frog one of them had found.  We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of fried eggs from our chickens, bacon from a local farm, toast, homefried potatoes and apple cider!  We sat in the gazebo reading and talking for several hours.  Around 1:00 we decided to go for a 4-wheeler ride down into the bottoms to check out the progress on the Natural Gas pipeline.  The guys were hard at work trying to pump the trenched of 30 feet of water that collected when the river flooded after Hurricane Gustav blew threw.  Richie also wanted to try this trail that goes through the woods near Horseshoe lake.  We got about 30 yards into the woods and realized that most of the trail was still flooded.  After floating through a mud puddle that was up to our knees we decided to turn back.  The woods were also filled with MILLIONS of mosquitoes that had never tasted human blood before and they had literally COVERED us!  We got out of there as quick as we could!  For dinner we grilled hot dogs and ate outside.  At sunset we decided to build a campfire.  Sitting around a campfire is one of my favorite things to do.  It brings back so many great memories from my childhood.  I love to watch the color of the flames, I love the sound of the wood crackling as it burns and I love the smell of the smoke.  We also decided that we would make S’mores! YUM!  What’s a campfire without S’mores.

Richie - I think you need to shave!

Richie - I think you need to shave!

Fall is my favorite season!

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Yesterday I completed my first dozen eggs and there was a surprise in the hen house! THREE eggs! Yup! I think another one of the girls has started laying.  Olivia is SUPPOSED to be 27 weeks and Francine and Claudia are supposed to be 35 weeks old.  I am beginning to think that the lady was WAY off about their ages when I bought these birds back in May.  She had told me they were 8 and 16 weeks old and I am beginning to think they were MUCH younger.  The reason being is that Hazel , my only girl not laying, is CLEARLY not 27 weeks old and she and Olivia are supposedly the same age.  Anyway I believe Olivia layed her first egg yesterday.  When Richie gets up (it’s already 9:15!) we will be having bacon and eggs for breakfast.  We were going to have it for dinner earlier in the week but we weren’t able to.  I am really looking forward to it.

Here are some pics of my first dozen and some pick of the girls this morning.  I tried to get a picture of the “squat” but I guess it was to early in the morning because they werent being very cooperative.

In this picture you can see Hazel.  It is a little hard to see but her comb is still much smaller and lighter in color than the other girls.  I guess she is just a late bloomer!

I have a few other posts in the works, so keep checking back.  My September Book List will be up late Tuesday.  I am also gonna try to get some pics of my new art room posted now that I finally have some student work posted.

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More EGGS!

Well I couldn’t let the day end without singing my praises about Francine because she layed an egg today too!  I went out to the coop and opened the door on the nest boxes just expecting to find Claudia’s egg when right there in the other nest box was another egg! 2 eggs in one day!  Looks like bacon and eggs are on the menu this week! Thanks girls!!!

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My chicken Claudia layed her first egg today!!! I am so excited!  She even layed it right in the nest box!  I am so proud of my girl! I have another hen, Francine, that I expect to start laying soon too!  My other two girls still have a few weeks to go.  Here are a few pictures I took of the egg. It came out really smooth with a nice hard shell and perfectly clean!  Way to go Claudia!

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