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This morning the sun is shining on all the snow and ice and it is just beautiful!

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A second major storm of the year granted us a snow day on Friday. Beginning late on Thursday night with a wintery mix of rain and sleet it switched over to snow in the early morning and we were awoken by an automated call from the superintendent informing us that school would be cancelled.  We slept late, stayed in our pj’s and lounged around the house all day and watched the snowfall.  I have never seen snow fall in Arkansas like it did yesterday.  It was so beautiful! BIG, heavy snowflakes and it lasted ALL day! When it was all said and done we got about 6-8 inches.  It is a little difficult to measure because it is very powdery snow and it was windy so there are some spots where there are drifts over a foot deep!!!  But overall I would say the total is around 6-8 inches. 

We had hoped to get to Searcy today but the roads are impassable so we stayed home.  We slept in again and then made chicken fried rice which was super yummy.  We rode around in the four-wheeler and played in the snow.  We checked out the conditions of the highway and the roads which were awful and will likely be even worse tomorrow as the temps drop WAY below freezing and into the teens.  We tried to make a snowman but the snow was too powdery.

We know we wont be able to get out for church tomorrow and it remains to be seen if we will even go back to school monday.  There is going to have to be a MAJOR warmup before most of these back country roads are passable!

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Richie and I visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta for the first time back in June.  We were so impressed that we made the trip again back in November to take his Mom to see it.  It is really the most amazing aquarium I have ever seen.  I really can not describe it with words.  If you have not been I HIGHLY suggest you plan to visit it.  They are adding a dolphin exhibit that will open in the fall of 2010.  Although I know they will not do it justice I have some pictures to share. 


The Georgia Aquarium boasts the world’s second largest aquarium viewing window.  This amazing aquarium view measure 61 feet wide and 23 feet tall! The tank itself is the size of a football field and contains over 6,000,000 gallons of water!  To be in front of this window is amazing and wonderful.  We could have stayed right here all day and felt as if we had gotten our money’s worth! 





Julie and Kathy (in November)


Whale Shark - worlds largest fish species


The Georgia Aquarium is currently home to 4 of the Whale Sharks which are the world’s largest fish species.  Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet in length! 


The aquarium also has a 100 foot long viewing tunnel where you can see whale sharks, stingrays, goliath grouper,  hammerhead sharks and a host of other fish swimming overhead. 

Here are some additional photos of sites around the aquarium. 






Crazy weird sand worm things!


I highly recommend a visit to the Georgia Aquarium! If you are planning a trip the aquarium is within walking distance of the Coca-cola Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, and the CNN Headquarters.  If you go I also highly recommend a visit to the Varsity (www.thevarsity.com) which is the World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant!  Their hot dogs, fries and fried pies are amazing! They’ve been in business since 1928 so it HAS to be good!

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It started to snow sometime after 1 am last night. I woke up around 5 and looked outside to see a blanket of white.  We got about 2 1/2 inches and while it stopped for a while, it has started to snow again!  It sure is beautiful.  The dogs all slept inside last night.  I was able to drag Thunder out when I went to feed the chickens.  He tried to come back in but once outside he ran and frolicked and seemed to enjoy himself.  The Hens have refused to come out of their coop.  They free range and generally don’t eat much “commercial” feed because they get all they need from the land but I did put some feed out for them and an extra helping of scratch grain and cracked corn.  They still didn’t budge!  The chicks (almost 4 months now!) seemed weary of the snow but a few ventured out when tempted with scratch.  The cats were hungry but we ran out of cat food yesterday.  I put dog food in their bowl and they turned up their noses.  We’re “snowed in” and it’s Sunday, so in my opinion beggars can’t be choosers!  The horses never seem fazed by the snow.  I do love the way the snow looks on their fur (hair?).  Snow! It’s  beautiful!

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