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Today my bit of creativity included drawing.  Drawing is probably my most favorite art method, particularly using pen and ink. I have also always been fond of doodles.  Last spring I came across an art technique called Zentangle.  Basically you draw a random shape and fill in the spaces created by the random shape with a variety of doodles. You can even get a whole Zentangle making kit over at zentangle.com. Zentangles are meditative in nature, hence the whole “zen” thing.  Just do a google image search for zentangles and you will find hundreds of glorious examples.  So for today’s little bit of creativity I created three zentangles of my own.  Enjoy!


These images are copyrighted to Julie Kohl. Please do not use, copy  or link directly to these images without my permission.

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One of the greatest joys of being an art teacher is having the ability to share your knowledge and excitement for the subject with students.  However, one of the greatest challenges of being an art teacher is finding the time to create your own art. 

I teach 7 classes a day to kindergarten through 12thgrade students.  I am constantly having to switch gears.  Each class is usually involved in drastically different projects that besides all being art, usually have nothing to do witheach other.  On any given day I may be teaching pottery in one class, basic drawing in another, printmaking in yet another,discussing the differences between Christian and Secular influences on modern western art withmy advanced students and drawing cookie monster with the kindergartners.  It can be very crazy and hectic to say the least!

I love my job and get great joy from it yet I miss having the time to create more of my own work.  I miss being able to lock myself into the studio, blare music and get lost in a painting for four hours.  I have found the need to be creative about finding that necessary creative release.

Recently I was made aware of a really cool online art magazine and website.  If you like to create any kind of art and have not yet had the joy of experiencing http://www.arttradermag.com/, I highly suggest you check it out.  This quarterly magazine is available as a PDF download for FREE!!!! The quality of the articles is absolutely amazing, not to mention that advertising is kept to a minimum.

After finding Art Trader Magazine I found out that the same site offers online workshops as well! I recently enrolled in the Whimsy Art Workshop I.  Each Wednesday I can log in an download a PDF workbook and watch about 5 10-15 minute companion videos on a particular subject.  The workbooks are of the same quality and caliber of the Art Trader Mag!  The videos are wonderful and helpful as well.  Each week you can also attend and online chat session with the workshop hosts and other participants to get questions answered and feedback on your progress.

I also recently found a site called http://www.atcsforall.com/.  On this site you can sign up for swaps with other artists and trade ATC’s.  ATCs(artist trading cards) areminiature 2.5×3.5″ artworks.  The idea behind them is that you make them and then you trade them with another artist.  Sometimes I like to swap but sometimes I also like to just look at the swaps and make the cards based on the themes for myself.  The great thing about ATCsis the small size.  They do not take a lot of time to make but I am able to experiment with a variety of subjects and media.

I was on another ATC site that closed down about 2 years ago.  I was really into making cards then but got away from it.  I am glad to have found this creative outlet once again.

Below are some of the cards I have recently made.  To step out of my “comfort zone” I tried two unusual subject matters.  The first set of 4 are “Whimsy Goth Girls”.  Lighthearted yet with a dark goth twist.  The second set of 4 are based on the style of artist and film director Tim Burton.  Enjoy!

Whimsy Goth Girls

Tim Burton Style/Characters


Please note that all artwork is copyrighted.  Do not copy my artwork or use my pictures without my written permission. Thanks!

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