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I haven’t had an advent calendar since I was a kid.  The once we had were those cardboard kind that had the little chocolate candies hidden inside of the perforated doors. 

I saw an abundance of advent calendars on the internet this season and that got me thinking of making one for myself and for my sister and brother-in-law who would be spending their first Christmas with their new son, Silas, my first nephew!

There is a great advent calendar group on flickr.


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I made my own advent calendar based on Jenny B. Harris’s tutorial on www.allsorts.typepad.com and sent it to my sister.  I am working on my own to use next year.  Here are some pictures of the one I made hanging up in my sisters house.  Each pouch has a little candy and a little dangle inside of it.  I enlarged the pattern a bit and added some decorative stitching onto the pouch for the 25th.

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