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I recently purchased an amazing CD made by Elizabeth Ann Barlow, one of my farmgirl friends. 


This Christmas CD is her latest and is an absolute joy to listen to. Her voice is like an angel!

Here is the description of her CD as found on her etsy site:

Twelve carols for the twelve days of Christmas, featuring the talents of songstress Elizabeth Ann Barlow (yours truly), with harpist Hanna Barlow and Julian Nelson on recorder. The carols are beautifully obscure, including many examples from medieval Britain, and one selection from early America. The recording was made in a historic building with a lovely acoustic (formerly a general store and now an art gallery). The CD is packaged in a creamy cardstock folder and tied with a festive green ribbon. You’ll find no plastic here.

I HIGHLY recommend this CD and plan to order her other CD very soon. You can order her Christmas CD from her Resolutely Outmoded shop on etsy and you can here a sample of her voice on her my space page.

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My friend Tina and her husband Paul are producing a WONDERFUL on-line magazine called Small Town Living.  This magazine comes out every other month and is full of all kinds of wonderful stories, tutorials, travel information, farming news and so on.  This months edition contains articles on pumpkin carving, the benefits of bats, making natural dyes and much much more!

If you have not yet had the privilege of reading this great magazine I highly suggest that you do.  You can view it at www.stliving.net and best of all it is 100% FREE!  Paul and Tina would really like to go to a print version within the next year. If you like what you read, PLEASE pass it on to a friend, blog about it, talk about it, do what you can so we can help them make their dream a reality!

 P.S. Just as a side note – I wrote an article about my parents bed and breakfast, the Orchard House, and it appeared in the Dec 06/Jan 07 issue of Small Town Living.  So check it out while you are reading all of the other really great issues.

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Another addition to my Forest Collection.  I have some cute bags and other things in the works so keep checking back!

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In the Forest

My fall line of iPod  Covers and purses is going to be “In the Forest”.  I posted my first fall item into my shop today. It is a mushroom iPod cover.  I have some really cute things in the works so keep checking back!

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School has now been in session for two and a half weeks.  I LOVE my job. I teach art and it is a blast. It is also very stressful. I love to create things on my own but I find when I am teaching I have no energy left when I get home.  I come home dog tired and barely get dinner on the table before I collapse on the couch.

 I love sewing and I love making things with felt.  I also enjoy drawing, painting and lots of other things.  I have been selling things online for just about a year now. I have done okay but I haven’t really pushed sales, advertised or even consistently added inventory.  These are all things I REALLY need to be doing if I want to get serious about this business.

If I were to quit teaching and go full time at my crafting business I would have to make a profit of 75 to 100 dollars a day in order to be able to afford it.  I am not looking to get rich but my school loans are a BEAST!  Currently I make an average of about 50 dollars a week!  Basically I make just enough money to support the purchase of more felt and fabric.

 I recently came across this book.

This book is amazing and has really got me thinking about focusing my direction and getting more serious about my crafting business.  This book has answered some really important questions about starting a business.  Since it is geared toward crafting it was a perfect match.

I am currently in the process of drafting a business plan along with both short and long-term business goals.  I hope you join me as I go through this very scary and exciting journey of starting a crafting business!

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While I really appreciate the tiny little table I have as a workspace in our guest room, I have come to realize that it is not ideal!  When HGTV came earlier this summer we temporarily removed the guest bed and I had the whole room for my crafting! I LOVED IT! I was able to keep things neat and organized, there was enough room so I could leave my ironing board up all the time, it was just great.  I loved the space and enjoyed being in it. I felt crafty all the time and I was creating more stuff than ever.  Since moving the bed back in I dread coming in here.  I have to constantly move stuff around.  Space is an issue and it just doesn’t look cool like it did when HGTV was here.  Well Richie and I have been looking into possibly adding the portable building above to our property.  This would serve as my studio!  Isn’t it great!  The working space is 10×12 and it has a 4 foot porch which I just love.  It has a 10×8 loft inside which could be used as an additional guest area if we put some mattresses up there. There is also a 10×4 loft which could be used as storage.  Richie has said I could get it but now I just have to save up the money!  It costs around 3,000$! I have saved up about 300$  Maybe by next summer I can save up enough!

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I am in LOVE with etsy.com! It is a great site where you can sell all your supercool handmade goodies.  I have been selling on etsy about 2 months now and it is so fun! Lately I have been making ipod cozies.  Today I made this really cute Owl one.

Etsy has so much crafty goodness that I wish I could buy it all up! If you haven’t had the chance to see this site yet you MUST go visit soon! It is just too cool.  You can visit my site by clicking here. http://willowartist.etsy.com.

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