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I was recently given a button box.  The woman who gave it to me is older and the box came from her husbands mother who passed away several years ago.  The box of buttons sat around for a few months and only recently was I able to go through it.  The majority of the buttons are very old and interesting but a few really special ones stood out.

These are a few of my favorites.

These buttons all have some type of military insignia.  The top one is a Red Cross Pin dated 1881-1931 marking the 50th anniversary of the Red Cross. 

The U.S actually has a screw back on it but I assume it is part of a military uniform from the 1930’s.

The one on the right is an eagle with what looks like the number 1 on his chest.  He holds the leaf cluster in his left foot and 3 arrows in his right foot. It has a shank type backing. Again I believe it is part of a military uniform from the 1930’s.

These buttons are interesting.  All five are VERY heavy.  I wish I had a gram scale so I could weigh them.  I am not sure if they are made of metal or stone because of the weight and they are so dirty but I am leaning towards metal.

The gold button in the top right also has an Eagle on it but has the letters Buro Co Tyr 1780 X Archid Avst Dcx and as far I can tell it is some sort of replica of a Maria Theresia, Austrian coin.  I have no idea how old it is.

The Yeomen pin apparently came from the secret fraternal organization the Brotherhood of American Yeomen that was started in 1897. 

The Health Standard pin button has the shape of Arkansas in the background.

This pin button has some sort of structure surrounded by the leaves.  It is very cracked and I can not make out what the structure is.  The back is partially rubbed off but the letters  STEM(?)ER Engra_______80!

One other really cool thing in the box was an old Rabies Dog Tag.  The back is dated 1935.

I have enjoyed looking through this old button box!  If you know anything about any of my finds please leave a comment.

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