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Richie and I visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta for the first time back in June.  We were so impressed that we made the trip again back in November to take his Mom to see it.  It is really the most amazing aquarium I have ever seen.  I really can not describe it with words.  If you have not been I HIGHLY suggest you plan to visit it.  They are adding a dolphin exhibit that will open in the fall of 2010.  Although I know they will not do it justice I have some pictures to share. 


The Georgia Aquarium boasts the world’s second largest aquarium viewing window.  This amazing aquarium view measure 61 feet wide and 23 feet tall! The tank itself is the size of a football field and contains over 6,000,000 gallons of water!  To be in front of this window is amazing and wonderful.  We could have stayed right here all day and felt as if we had gotten our money’s worth! 





Julie and Kathy (in November)


Whale Shark - worlds largest fish species


The Georgia Aquarium is currently home to 4 of the Whale Sharks which are the world’s largest fish species.  Whale sharks can grow up to 40 feet in length! 


The aquarium also has a 100 foot long viewing tunnel where you can see whale sharks, stingrays, goliath grouper,  hammerhead sharks and a host of other fish swimming overhead. 

Here are some additional photos of sites around the aquarium. 






Crazy weird sand worm things!


I highly recommend a visit to the Georgia Aquarium! If you are planning a trip the aquarium is within walking distance of the Coca-cola Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, and the CNN Headquarters.  If you go I also highly recommend a visit to the Varsity (www.thevarsity.com) which is the World’s Largest Drive-In Restaurant!  Their hot dogs, fries and fried pies are amazing! They’ve been in business since 1928 so it HAS to be good!


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Richie and I just celebrated 9 years together on Wednesday.  The last nine years has been interesting and fun to say the least.  The only regret I have for the last nine years is that we haven’t done more trips “just the two of us”.  I can just imagine the repercussions that will come from publishing this on the internet for all to see but I have to be honest with myself.  Since I have never been a “journal-er” and this blog is the closest thing I have to that I think it’s important to keep it real. 

Most of the time I love my mother in law to death.  But sometimes it feels like she never goes away.  She often shows up right when dinner is about to be served.  Most of the time I am okay with this.  I am, after all, a damn good cook and we usually have leftovers.  If we go to Searcy or Little Rock or anywhere else Richie always invites her along.  For the last nine years, barring a few random over-nights to Branson or trips to visit my family, she has been on EVERY vacation with us.  Paris…she was there, Rome…she was there, Hawaii…she was there, Alaska…she was there, Glacier National Park and Yellowstone…she was there, Grand Canyon…she was there, Galveston/San Antonio…she was there.  Most of the time it was okay but there were moments when if I had had some sort of lethal weapon or even a pillowcase, things could have gotten really nasty.

I understand where Richie is coming from.  I understand the feeling of needing to take care of his mom and stuff and that loyalty is something I love about him but sometimes enough is enough!  Sometimes, thirty-somethings who’ve been married almost a decade just need some time to themselves.

Well I FINALLY got my wish.  I told Richie since my birthday and our anniversary were coming up I wanted to take a trip. JUST THE TWO OF US!  So we did!

We spent four amazing days in Panama City Beach, Florida which is just about as close to paradise as you can get without getting on a plane.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We spent hours on the beach each day.  We enjoyed the sand, the sun and the waves.  We played around like kids.  We enjoyed delicious dinners in beach-side restaurants and drank margaritas and hurricanes while we watched the sunset from the balcony of our hotel room.

The trip was so special and so romantic. It was honestly the BEST vacation I have taken in years.  And the best part, while I am sure I will endure days of silence and dirty looks for professing so in such a public way, was that in Panama City Beach, Florida…she WASN”T there!

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