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In some parts of the country snow is old hat.  Winter comes to some places around October and hangs on until well into April.  Well here is Arkansas that is just unheard of…it isnt even that unusual to be in the 60’s on Christmas.  So when I went to bed last night and they were calling for a 30% chance of sleet I certainly didn’t expect to wake up to this!

I dont think the chickens will be coming out anytime soon!

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A second major storm of the year granted us a snow day on Friday. Beginning late on Thursday night with a wintery mix of rain and sleet it switched over to snow in the early morning and we were awoken by an automated call from the superintendent informing us that school would be cancelled.  We slept late, stayed in our pj’s and lounged around the house all day and watched the snowfall.  I have never seen snow fall in Arkansas like it did yesterday.  It was so beautiful! BIG, heavy snowflakes and it lasted ALL day! When it was all said and done we got about 6-8 inches.  It is a little difficult to measure because it is very powdery snow and it was windy so there are some spots where there are drifts over a foot deep!!!  But overall I would say the total is around 6-8 inches. 

We had hoped to get to Searcy today but the roads are impassable so we stayed home.  We slept in again and then made chicken fried rice which was super yummy.  We rode around in the four-wheeler and played in the snow.  We checked out the conditions of the highway and the roads which were awful and will likely be even worse tomorrow as the temps drop WAY below freezing and into the teens.  We tried to make a snowman but the snow was too powdery.

We know we wont be able to get out for church tomorrow and it remains to be seen if we will even go back to school monday.  There is going to have to be a MAJOR warmup before most of these back country roads are passable!

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My baby chicks arrived today! 26 tiny chicks packed in a little box at my post office.  Chicks in the mail!  I got 20 buff orpington females, 5 males and 1 mystery “rare breed” chick which you get free when you order 25.  All the babies are doing great.  They are eating and drinking like crazy.  They sure seemed glad to get food after their long trip across the country.  The are boxed and mailed the same day they hatch.  According to the box mine hatch around 10am on Tuesday, September 15th.  It is so hard to believe that 26 chickens take up such little space!  It wont be long until they take over my yard!

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I have finally worked up enough nerve to let two of my chickens free range.  Here are Claudia and Hazel enjoying the free life.  Olivia is busy raising a baby chick and Francine is sitting on eggs that should have hatched yesterday.  We got them from a friend who said she was certain they were fertile.  I’m gonna give her another day or two with them before I get rid of them.  I hate that she sat there for three weeks for nothing!

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The garden is in full swing!  If only the 1 million tomatoes out there would turn red!  I did get some dill pickles and pickled beets put up!  I am also drying basil, dill and lavender.  I am drying a few sunflowers so I can give the seeds to my chickens.

In real life the pickles are more green and the beets are more purple.  I wish so much my camera had captured the true colors!

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