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As Summer winds down so does a lot of other things.  I have less time to read, less time to blog and less time to craft.  This is always kind of a depressing time for me.  I love teaching but it forces me to have to put aside some things I really enjoy doing.  Come November when the days are shorter and there is less to do outside I will pick up some of those hobbies again.  Until then I will squeeze them in where I can.  So today I bring you my August book list.  It’s a few days late and a little shorter than some of my previous lists but still full of some good reads.

***** 5   A Mile in Her Boots – Jennifer Bove

This book was great! It is a compilation of short memoirs written by women who work in the wilderness.  The stories range from funny, to sweet, to scary.  This book will leave you believing in the power of women.  I read one or two stories a night along with my other reading.




*** 3  The River Wife – Jonis Agee

The River Wife is a sweeping, panoramic story that ranges from the New Madrid earthquake of 1811 through the Civil War to the bootlegging days of the 1930s.

When the earthquake brings Annie Lark’s Missouri house down on top of her, she finds herself pinned under the massive roof beam, facing certain death. Rescued by French fur trapper Jacques Ducharme, Annie learns to love the strong, brooding man and resolves to live out her days as his “River Wife.”



* 1  Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates

It’s the story of Frank and April Wheeler, a bright, beautiful, and talented couple who have lived on the assumption that greatness is only just around the corner. With heartbreaking compassion and remorseless clarity, Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their spiritual birthright, betraying not only each other, but their best selves.

I just did not like this book.  I actually didn’t even finish it.  This RARELY happens.  I just found the whole story to be forced and boring.  It was trying to be philisophical without being pretentious but wound up quite the opposite.  The book has gotten enough hype that plans are in progress to make it a Major Motion Picture.  I was bored to tears.  But don’t take my work for it!

***** 5  Twilight – Stephanie Meyer

“Softly he brushed my cheek, then held my face between his marble hands. ”Be very still,” he whispered, as if I wasn”t already frozen. Slowly, never moving his eyes from mine, he leaned toward me. Then abruptly, but very gently, he rested his cold cheek against the hollow at the base of my throat. ” As Shakespeare knew, love burns high when thwarted by obstacles. In Twilight, an exquisite fantasy by Stephenie Meyer, readers discover a pair of lovers who are supremely star-crossed. Bella adores beautiful Edward, and he returns her love. But Edward is having a hard time controlling the blood lust she arouses in him, because–he”s a vampire. At any moment, the intensity of their passion could drive him to kill her, and he agonizes over the danger. But, Bella would rather be dead than part from Edward, so she risks her life to stay near him, and the novel burns with the erotic tension of their dangerous and necessarily chaste relationship.

I LOVED this book! Couldn’t put it down!


***** 5  New Moon – Stephanie Meyer

This is the second book in the Twilight series.  I LOVED this one also!  I love books about vampires and werewolves and thought this was great!

The series is probably geared towards girls age 16 – 25 but I found it to be very interesting and very well written.



Well there you have it! Better late than never right!  As always you can click on the picture or the title link to purchase any of these books  from my Amazon Store.  Until next month, Happy Reading!

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