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I won a blue ribbon at the county fair for my Butternut Squash.  The coolest thing is that it grew by accident. I had given my chickens some butternut squash seeds last winter.  They must have left a few behind cause I had a few plants growing. I got about 12 squash.  This one won a blue ribbon!

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I love Boys!

Especially my two nephews Silas and Salem!  Arent they cute?




Silas is 2 1/2 and Salem will be 1 next month! They are so cute!  I wish they lived closer and I got to see them more. We are all going to my parents house for Christmas and I cant wait to see them.

For now I have to be satisfied with pictures on snapfish and listening to them in the background when I talk to my sister on the phone.  Sometimes Silas will talk to me on the phone.  That is always nice.

The other day he was “reading” me one of his books. It must have had pictures of different animals because he kept saying things like “Sea turtle” and “sea lion” and “Penguin”.  After he said Penguin I could hear my sister as him, “What kind of penguin?”  Silas promptly answered “MAC and CHEESE Penguin” to which my sister began to laugh hysterically!  Apparently the Penguin in the book was a Macaroni Penguin and Silas associated macaroni with mac and cheese! What a smart kid!

Have you ever heard of a Macaroni Penguin?  I hadn’t! Here is a picture!

Macaroni Penguin - Picture borrowed from the Tennessee Aquarium Website

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My baby chicks arrived today! 26 tiny chicks packed in a little box at my post office.  Chicks in the mail!  I got 20 buff orpington females, 5 males and 1 mystery “rare breed” chick which you get free when you order 25.  All the babies are doing great.  They are eating and drinking like crazy.  They sure seemed glad to get food after their long trip across the country.  The are boxed and mailed the same day they hatch.  According to the box mine hatch around 10am on Tuesday, September 15th.  It is so hard to believe that 26 chickens take up such little space!  It wont be long until they take over my yard!

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